Konmari is the Cure


Back in July 2015, I made a declaration that I would fix my life, and subsequently gave “Fix My Life” its own category on this blog. The purpose of this was to hopefully keep myself accountable, by having people see the posts – and hopefully inspire others to make a change if they feel like […]

Thoughts on Coffee Pods


Yep, my mum has one of those “ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED” capsule coffee machines. Have you ever wondered what’s inside? Well, we’ve opened some. (Also, let’s not hate please.)

The Wedding of a Lifetime


On the 8/8/2016 I had the honour of seeing two of my good friends Chris and Jess Lee get married at this beautiful place, Avalon Castle. For Chris and Jess, it was like a fairy-tale come true. It was entirely Disney themed – not a cosplay wedding, but the bride and her brides’s maids had […]

Pokémon X Challenge Run (Wedlocke)

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Since seeing all the hype around Pokémon Go, but being unable to try it, I sought out a way to be part of the Pokémon bandwagon. After viewing a few different Pokémon-related videos on YouTube, I came across the concept of Nuzlocke challenges and felt intrigued (and entertained). Nuzlocke is essentially playing Pokémon on hard […]

This isn’t just a cold


Colds are usually no big deal for me. I usually recover from them in about 3 days. This one has been on my case for about 6 days now. I think I’m on the verge of feeling better, but I don’t want to speak so soon. I’ve been missing out on activities with friends. I’ve […]