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Pokémon Moon: First Impressions

I was almost going to be like, “Meh. It’s just another Pokemon game.” It’s different enough from previous Pokemon games to keep a mature gamer like me interested!

About 1 hour into it… I chose Rowlet (EmoBird) as my starter and caught a Caterpie (Flutterby). I’ve been avoiding spoilers closer to the game release, so I’m expecting the Caterpie to evolve into a different form.

This game is very beautifully crafted! The only thing I can fault is that there are some oddities in the translation. I love the UI, I love the interaction you have with your party Pokemon. The characters and storyline are quite nice. The whole Alola setup feels fresh and new. 🙂

Well done, Game Freak. You’ve impressed this mature gamer.

Sorry I Haven’t Posted in a While

Such a cop out title, I know.

Lately my time and attention has been wrapped around starting a new business, a gaming convention, a JV, and an online media channel. I don’t know why I give myself so many things to do, it just seems to turn out this way.

My plans for this blog include more posts around my geeky interests, clothes and products I love, and I’d like to continue the segment on “Fix My Life“, but with actionable steps.

I shall return!

Konmari is the Cure

Back in July 2015, I made a declaration that I would fix my life, and subsequently gave “Fix My Life” its own category on this blog. The purpose of this was to hopefully keep myself accountable, by having people see the posts – and hopefully inspire others to make a change if they feel like they’re in a rut.

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The Wedding of a Lifetime

On the 8/8/2016 I had the honour of seeing two of my good friends get married at this beautiful place, Avalon Castle.

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Saurian: Support Fuzzy Dinosaurs!

I’ve just backed a Kickstarter project for the first time, and man am I thrilled!

Saurian is an open-world game where you get to live out the life of a dinosaur, from hatching to adult. It combines two of my passions: Sandbox games, and scientifically accurate dinosaurs! What I’m especially excited for is that the world is said to be dynamic: Any action you take has an effect on the balance of the ecosystem. Also, it appears as though there may be random events, such as weather and bushfires.

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